Nina Weiland

Why Watershed?

My daughter (6) and son (4) attended a nature preschool and I started to think what we will we do for Kindergarten. No options existed that married learning with outdoors like our current preschool did. The thought of them being in the classroom all day with little or no exposure to the outdoors or hands-on learning broke my heart. Jessie and I met through our children’s preschool. I decided I had to help make the change. If a school didn’t exist that had what we wanted, we had to create one. Little did I know more than 2 years later all of our work would finally pay off. After countless hours of work of all of our dedicated board members, Baltimore County approved the Charter for Watershed Public Charter School. All our dreams are now a reality for everyone in Baltimore County. A choice now exists for a school that is a balance of structure and play and uses the environment as the classroom.