Marsha Butschky

I’m Marsha Butschky; I live in Towson with my partner and our very lovable Golden Retriever and our somewhat lovable Pomeranian. We all love to hike and kayak, and recently took up fishing from our kayaks – balancing paddle, net and fishing rod makes for a clumsy but surprisingly successful mission… We (well, not the dogs….) play guitar for fun, and are getting bolder about playing for people; in fact I said goodbye to my other school by playing a song I recorded in Schoology. Good thing no one graded it. I’ve been teaching in BCPS for 22 years; I’ve taught reading, technology, 4th grade and was a STAT teacher for 5 years. I like the variety of working with kids and with teachers, so I look forward to the collaboration we at Watershed will be doing to plan projects and lessons.