Kelley R. Pettiford-Kelly

Why Watershed?


Kelley Pettiford-Kelly is a seasoned educator with 20 years of wide-ranging roles within the Educational Spectrum.  Her career in education spans many areas; from Reading Teacher/Reading Team Leader at Old Court Middle School in Baltimore County, English Instructional Facilitator with Talent Development High Schools of John Hopkins University and currently, Director of Upward Bound for the Community College of Baltimore County, Dundalk.   Throughout her educational career she has worked with Maryland State Curriculum and school improvement initiatives, utilized Federal and State legislations and regulations in education for program compliance, and Program Management Development implementation.  In her current role as Director of Upward Bound, Kelley oversees the project management of a college preparatory program that provides academic, social and cultural support services and opportunities to low- income/ potential first generation college students. Kelley is an experienced trainer, a professional development facilitator and 21st century leader in education.  Kelley has over 15 years of state, local and federal grant writing experience; budget management; and networking/ relationship building with corporate and community partners throughout Maryland and beyond.  Additionally, she has over 10 years expertise in culturally responsive teaching and learning, transforming technology into 21st century teaching and learning, and Digital Marketing/ Social media for business.