Casey McDonough

Why Watershed?

My reason for being a founding member of Watershed is simple; I have 2 school aged children and I want the very best for them.  I’ve been friends with Jessie since our two oldest were just 6 months old. We met during swim lessons. Not sure our kiddos learned to swim that year but we definitely made some lifelong friends. After a couple of years together enjoying toddler co-op, Jessie and I started to talk about what might happen when the kids go off to preschool and then kindergarten. We talked about what the school environment & community would feel like, how the kids would learn and be exposed to nature and then the ideas started to become something real. 


Casey is originally from central Indiana. She graduated from Ball State University with a BS in Interior Design with a Marketing minor. Casey moved to Baltimore just after accepting an internship and is now married with 2 young children one of whom attends Watershed.