Public Comment at Board Meetings

The board of Watershed Public Charter School values and encourages input and feedback from the public during board meetings.  Near the beginning of each board meeting, there will be an established 30-minute time slot dedicated to stakeholder comment and feedback that will be listed as such on the meeting agenda.  Prospective speakers are encouraged to sign in on the Stakeholder Comment and Feedback Sign Up sheet prior to the start of the meeting, which will be available near the entrance of the room.  When meetings are held virtually, those who wish to speak should email the board prior to the day of the meeting at: board (at) A maximum of ten speakers will be drawn at random and will speak in the order they are selected; speaker time is limited to three (3) minutes each and will be monitored by the Board President.  Board members will not respond to public comments within the same board meeting except to ask clarifying questions.

When speaking, speakers are asked to give their full name and be respectful of the board and members of the public when speaking.  Speakers should address members of the board and be ready to respond to questions for clarification from the board if asked.  The board does not discuss personnel matters in open board meetings.  Inappropriate comments or behavior are discouraged. Inappropriate behavior is defined as insults, obscenities or profanity, attacks against any person in their personal capacity, and/or physical violence or threat thereof.