Governing Board

WPCS Board Committees and Descriptions

*Those interested in a board position should inquire with the President or Vice President at the start of the school year.

* Meeting Minutes are available by request in the front office.

Officer Positions 


Chair, Governance Committee  

Vice President 

Co-Chair, Governance Committee  


Member, Governance Committee 


Chair, Finance Committee 

Member, Governance Committee 

Additional Officers 

Co-, successor, or vice officer positions may be appointed as deemed necessary by the Board

Other Board Positions 

Executive Director 

Ex Officio 


Ex Officio 

Teacher Representative 

Elected by the WPCS teachers 

Student Representative 

President of Student Council, Ex Officio 


To be chaired or co-chaired by a Director 

Governance Committee 

The Governance Committee is tasked with ensuring that the board of directors is functioning appropriately and  efficiently. They shall assess the needs of the Board of Directors and make suggestions for the ongoing  successful governance of the school. They shall recommend actions to be taken by the Board, interpret  policies and actions of the Board, and, subject to applicable law, exercise the powers and functions of the Board as may be necessary between meetings of the Board. This committee will facilitate board elections each  year. Additionally, they serve as a nominating committee that works to identify and recruit for board chair  positions. They establish needed board expertise and utilize a skills matrix and regular communication with the  full board and staff to facilitate that process. They facilitate trainings, retreats and orientations for the full board.  The committee takes the lead in conducting annual evaluations of the Executive Director and Principal.  

Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Director, prepares the annual budget, ensures that  the Board engages a qualified auditor for an annual examination of the financial statements, and ensures that  there is timely and adequate management of financial resources and reporting to enable the Board to monitor  the organization’s financial resources. Members of the Finance Committee review and provide input into the operating and capital project budget plans that are in keeping with the School’s current and long term goals.  Membership on this committee is limited to financial professionals. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Inclusion & School Culture Committee is responsible for the development of a comprehensive  plan to expand and develop programs that promote positive behavior, respect for all cultures and diversity  throughout the school. The goal is to create a more inclusive community in all realms of the School, grounded  in respect and appreciation for individual differences. The Committee seeks to provide programs and  resources that enhance knowledge and encourage understanding of inclusivity. The Committee strives to  provide leadership, dialogue, and resources for faculty, students, and families. The impetus for this work has to  come from every part of Watershed’s community.  

Environmental Action Committee & Facility Committee 

The Environmental Action and Facility Committee is responsible for garden volunteers, outdoor spaces,  recycling program, facilitating service projects, and reviewing school environmental integration initiatives. They  are also responsible for coordinating facilities volunteers and small improvement projects. This committee  assists in creating a well-maintained learning environment for the students of WPCS. The committee reviews  the current status and future needs of the School’s facilities. Members of the Environmental Action Committee  & Facility Committee establish an ongoing maintenance plan and help to develop and carry out needed  refurbishing and renovation projects for the School.  

School Performance Committee 

The School Performance Committee is responsible for establishing long- and short-term performance goals in  keeping with the mission of WPCS. They also establish metrics to measure how performance will be tracked  and measured against those goals. This committee will be responsible for providing aggregated school data to  the rest of the board in concert with the school-based Data Review Committee. This committee helps oversee  the Lottery process. 

Evaluation Committee 

The Evaluation Committee is tasked with researching, developing, and implementing the evaluation process  for the Principal, the Executive Director, and the Board. They will research best practices and abide by the  bylaws for the evaluation process; work closely with the School Performance Committee to design appropriate surveys and questionnaires; obtain and interpret data; compile, draft, edit, and present final evaluation  documents to the President for submission to the appropriate parties. 

Family & Community Ambassadors 

This committee’s primary duty is to liaise, communicate, and collaborate with the school community as well as  the larger geographical area in which Watershed is situated. They will be responsible for working closely with  parent volunteers as well as any independent parent organization(s) to plan events both during and after  school hours; initiating outreach and partnerships within the greater community; advocating for students and  families within the framework of the Board’s role and abilities; tracking parents’ volunteer hours; and facilitating  the school newsletter as well as other printed material such as yearbooks or marketing.

Policy 11.0 Procedure for Public Comment During Board Meeting

The board of Watershed Public Charter School values and encourages input and feedback from the public during board meetings.  Near the beginning of each board meeting, there will be an established 30-minute time slot dedicated to stakeholder comment and feedback that will be listed as such on the meeting agenda.  Prospective speakers are encouraged to sign in on the Stakeholder Comment and Feedback Sign Up sheet prior to the start of the meeting, which will be available near the entrance of the room.  When meetings are held virtually, those who wish to speak should email the board prior to the day of the meeting at: board (at) A maximum of ten speakers will be drawn at random and will speak in the order they are selected; speaker time is limited to three (3) minutes each and will be monitored by the Board President.  Board members will not respond to public comments within the same board meeting except to ask clarifying questions.

When speaking, speakers are asked to give their full name and be respectful of the board and members of the public when speaking.  Speakers should address members of the board and be ready to respond to questions for clarification from the board if asked.  The board does not discuss personnel matters in open board meetings.  Inappropriate comments or behavior are discouraged. Inappropriate behavior is defined as insults, obscenities or profanity, attacks against any person in their personal capacity, and/or physical violence or threat thereof.